Thursday, January 6, 2011

UNiMAS Kolej Kenanga

On 25th December 2010, a group from University Malaysia Sarawak arrived at Semporna and had stayed with us-Arung Hayat Sea Adventures.  With arms wide open we welcomed and arranged some activities for them to enjoy their trip.

The next day on 26th December 2010, we brought them from mainland to Larapan Island as they wished to conduct family foster. They seems very grateful to get their own family who are being very nice to them. Lucky on that night a wedding ceremony was held. It was an opportunity to learn Bajau cultures. The ceremony was held all night long until in the morning next day.

Beautiful landscape
With fosters
Larapan Island sunset view

Swimming with the villagers
L.L.L Liveaboard Scenery
Larapan Island view from L.L.L. Liveaboard

27th December 2010, after saying goodbye for the villagers and all the foster families, we next heading to Sibuan Island for sea sport activities. The weather was great, the sea was calm and the breeze was refreshing. After arrived at the shore all the students start a fire to BBQ and some of them went to snorkeling. Four students are happy to take Discover Scuba Dive with the guide of our experience Instructor. It was their first time and they did it!

Saying goodbye
Leaving Larapan Island
Sibuan Island
Sibuan Island Shore
Blue sibuan

Ready to dive 
Heading to the shore
DSD briefing

Fresh Seafood and Smile
At 05.00pm we depart from Sibuan Island to mainland and arrived at 06.30pm. Smiling face never fade from their faces a sign they are all very happy.

Semporna here we come!
Thanks to all of you UniMAS! We are happy to see your face again next time!


  1. Hey, this looks very nice!!
    Looking forward to more information about Arung Hayat and more activities there on the nice Island!

  2. hehehehhe....i am the one of student who join this trip....i got a lot of exprience...diz is the best memories dat i never had....i like the activities carried out...hehehe,and i love people over there... thanx a lot to ARUNG HAYAT... (UNIMAS STUDENT)


  4. i will remember the xperience for my entire life..tengss arunghayat..