Thursday, November 25, 2010



Year 2010 is a meaningful year as Arung Hayat Sea Adventures once again expand its business through the establishment of LADY LONG LIVE LIVEABOARD.

Made almost 5 years in Sandakan, now it is ready to bring you to explore islands around Semporna. What makes it so unique?

  • Made from woods with traditional theme

  • First Liveaboard made from woods in Semporna

  • Can carry over 100 passengers in one time

  • Features:


    ::10 rooms::

    ::Dining area::

    ::Resting area::

    ::Observation point::

    ::Karaoke system::

    ::2 toilets::




    Perhaps you still don't know how to get here in Semporna. If you are from Kota Kinabalu and wish to use bus services, you may go to Inanam Bus Station and choose several bus companies to hop on. 

    Bus companies Kota Kinabalu - Semporna:

    • Dyana Bus

    • Manis Enterprise &

    • Madsahirun Bus 

    Travel using bus takes a long journey (Kota Kinabalu - Semporna)  takes 8-9 hours. Basically most of the bus companies have two period of scheduling their trip which are in the morning and evening.

    • Morning- Depart at 7.30am/ Arrive at 4.30 pm
    • Evening- Depart at 7.30pm/  Arrive at 4.30 am

    Tips: Whether you travel in the morning or evening please bring along your jacket, sweater or blanket because it is cold inside the bus especially Dyana Bus and Manis Enterprise.

    As personal recommendations we recommend you to choose Manis Enterprise. Instead of providing brand new buses to its customer, the price is also reasonable and affordable.


    Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia are the famous airlines company in Malaysia. Wide route coverage around the world  and provide great hospitality and services.

    If you wish to travel using airlines, you may take your route to Tawau Airport and use taxi or bus services to Semporna.

    Wednesday, November 24, 2010


    Water Festival, Regatta Lepa-Lepa

    Lepa means Boat in the dialect of east coast Bajau. The Regatta Lepa in Semporna is one of the most colourful cultural events. In this festival, Bajau people will decorate their boats with colourful flags called "SEMBULAYANG". The festivals will last for 2 days or more. 

    It is the biggest festival for Bajau ethnic to celebrate. There will be a contest for boat decoration while at the same time the Bajau ethnic will present a dancing called Igal-Igal on the boat accompanied by traditional music instruments.
    photo taken from

    Regatta Lepa will be held in the month of April, this festival will surely colorful and interesting. Almost every year our Arung Hayat's rooms are fully booked and same goes to the other hotels and lodge. 

    This is exactly a festival that you don't want to miss and a good point to start learning other cultures!

    Book with us in advance to make sure you have a place to stay!

    Thursday, November 18, 2010



    For only RM 300/person
    Grab this opportunity to breath the island breeze!
    learn the traditional cultures, water activities and 
    even experience the enchanting panorama.
    beautiful panorama~


    calm sea~

    windy mabul~

    mabul island~

    With RM 300 we will bring you Snorkeling around Mabul Island, including transport
     from mainland (Semporna) to Mabul Island & 3 meals per day are provided! 
    Not yet SATISFY? We offer you free GUIDE to make sure your holiday is not WASTED!

    Stay with us for budget accomodations, It's WORTH!



    Original version

    Regular room        : RM 55.00

    Standard room      : RM 65.00

    VIP room               : RM 95.00

    New Extension

    Standard room     : RM 70.00

    VIP room                : RM 120.00

    P/s: Pls note subject price may be changed due time and event. We giving price discount for big groups based on stayed period.



                                                    Arung Hayat Resort

    Arung Hayat Resort from front view, a wooden structured coated with varnish brings the traditional Malays culture yet not to be missed. Beautiful village scenery that really peaceful promised satisfaction to our customers.
    Features: Consist of 14 rooms which are fully air-condition, 8 regular rooms, 2 VIP rooms, and 4 standard rooms.

    New Extension

                                              Arung Hayat Resort (new extension)

    A new building made from concrete is a new extension from the wooden structures, It is just right at the back of the original one. It has 16 rooms fully air-condition. 14 standards rooms and 2 VIP rooms.


                                                     Arung Hayat Hall

    We also provide hall to be rented which can accomodate up to 100 people. It has air-conditions, tables, chairs, stage, and other equipments suitable for Meeting, Group Discussion, Wedding Event, and etc.

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010



    This gateway to beautiful islands is located in the Tawau Division, in the East Coast of Sabah. It is known as an illustrious scuba diving and snorkeling spot. Semporna town is mainly populated by the Bajau Laut ethnic community, otherwise known as the Sea Gypsies—many of whom live in sprawling stilt villages above the water or inside the traditional Lepa boats.

    The Regatta Lepa traditional boat race is held here annually in April. Semporna was also the finishing line of the Eco-challenge: Borneo, which was held in 2000. Off the coast is the Tun Sakaran Marine Park, also known as Semporna Islands Park which was gazetted by Sabah Parks in 2004.

    (Taken from Sabah Tourism Board)

    Since Semporna is one of the tourists attraction we served and try to accomodate them by providing a place to stay.Located 2 minutes away from town (by car), calm and quiet enviroment surely satisfied your holidays experience. For over 15 years experienced we had given best quality services to our customers. 

    We are not just offering a place to stay on, but at the same time we welcome you to visit such a nice islands around Semporna, such as Sipadan Island, Mabul Island, Kepalai Island, Sibuan Island and etc. with a great price to be enjoyed.

    Great packages are suitable for all tourists as we are serving the backpackers rate while providing good quality of services and hospitality.

    Semporna is waiting for you! Come to visit us and let us accomodates you.

    Towards Sustainable Tourism~